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Authentic handbags have only ever been turned in France, the USA, Spain and Italy. If your bag promises to be made anywhere else, it is truly a fake.

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Considering from design style, Prada handbags include four major types: classic, leisure, fashion and exotic. However, most of Prada bags bring us the feeling of leisure and fashion. Obviously it is accordance making use of times further development. In terms of material, usually Prada purses are designed of cowhide, lambskin, crocodile leather and nylon textile. The earlier version of Prada handbags mainly was made with pvc. Nowadays, Prada mainly uses high-quality leather material regarding bags. In comparison to nylon, leather bag is more durable, comfortable and in a position. In terms of price, generally speaking, Prada bags are less expensive and Hermes bags etc. So for people that would like to buy leading designer leather bags at cheap price, Prada handbag is a healthy choice.

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