Stock photo

Stock photo. Photobanks.

Stock photo. Photobanks.

Work for a photographer. Sell photos online. This website will open a new source of income for photographers, both professionals and amateurs, photography, and just for those who have a digital camera.


Stock photo. Photobanks.

Work for a photographer. Sell photos online.

This website will open a new source of income for photographers, both professionals and amateurs, photography, and just for those who have a digital camera.

If you are a photographer or illustrator, you have the opportunity to make good money by selling their works on photo stocks. They are called: microstock, microstock, photo service, fotoagenstva, photo library, photo galleries, digital stock photography agencies, electronic stock photography agencies, microstock agency mikropeymentovye photobanks, sink photobanks, banks stock photography, stock images collection.

In the book “Photography for sale”, known freelance photographer Lee Frost (freelancer – translated from English. As “freelancer”) described the basic principles of working with photo banks. This site, as detailed instructions, it is dedicated to those who seek to become a freelance artist, working on his own script, no matter what country you live. More and more photographers around the world are choosing to work with photo stocks as a single activity, working at your leisure while earning well.

Pursuing creativity, you can discover a permanent source of income. With enough time use to work with photobanks, they can turn into a source of basic income, which in time may be more than one thousand dollars per month and continue to grow as earnings depend not only on skills, but also on the amount of the portfolio.

Stock Photo

Stock photo or stock-photo (stock photo; stock photography) – this is a photo on a theme, which is located in photobank of commercial value and passes a an idea, or else she is a source of ideas.

In Russian, the term Stock photo translated as “archival photos (Stock – stock). Stock images are represented in online databases (photobanks), which allows the customer to get them remotely and immediately with the appropriate form of payment.


Photoblog (photobank) – the agency that sells photos, vector images, 3D graphics, and video.

Sale through the Internet. Photobanks take materials from photographers and illustrators from around the world via the Internet. Photobank mediates between the photographer and the buyer and has a certain percentage of the sales of each individual photographer.

Bank – is an inexhaustible source of diverse images that can be used by customers for different purposes.

Every day the world is an incredible number of projects that need to be illustrated with high-quality images. It is advertising, design, design websites and presentations, printing – magazines, newspapers, books, calendars, cards, posters, brochures, booklets, flyers, and more. etc. For all this, it photobanks, at the moment, are the main source of images.

Global demand for images is increasing every year. More and more publishers and design studios decide to buy high-quality images over the Internet, using the services of photo banks, rather than ordering the work to private photographers, paying them with a lot more. Photobanks ready to provide customers with millions of photos quickly and at a reasonable price. Any modern photo bank has in the presence of several million images, from 4 to 60 MPx (60 MPx images created expensive professional cameras such as the Hasselblad).

When you upload images to the EU, the photographer does not sell them himself, but shall agency to find buyers. This is a great advantage, because the photographer does not need to look for clients in their work. This will make him photobank. After working with him tens of thousands of loyal customers worldwide. Now the photographer can only do stories, knowing that a potential buyer of his work already.

Selling photos to photo stocks are on Royalty free (RF) – the license for which the photographer shot can be sold indefinitely. For example, one good photo of one year is usually sold around 300 times more successful picture of 1000. On photobanks found work sold over 20,000 times! Royalty free license allows the photographer to sell the same content to different photo stocks.

When selling pictures all rights to the images are retained by the author, and are transferred to the buyer only non-exclusive rights, therefore, your work will be used in a limited way. The cost of the image on the Images for customers ranging from 1 to 10 dollars, depending on the size of the downloaded image.

Another benefit of working with photobanks is that even stop sending new work for sale, old popular photos will continue to be sold, bringing the owner of the image passive income.

Best Photobanks

The undisputed leader in microstock fotoagenstv is a New York electronic photobank Shutterstock (Shutterstok or Shutterstock). At this photobank photographers begin to earn a day after the successful entry. Massive sell photos go every day.

President of photobank Shutterstock published statistics, which indicate that most of the photographers working with his photo bank, earning $ 500-1000 a month, and monthly income reaches some level of $ 15,000.

Next come photobanks, much easier to get: Dreamstime, Depositphotos, Bigstockphoto, but earnings are lower.