Requirements to photos

Requirements to photos

1. Requirements for quality Once you have downloaded the picture photoblog, shot tested the inspector. Most experts point to the quality of the photo, then, as the plot is sometimes overlooked. This is primarily done to ensure that the customer was happy with their purchase. Required quality photos can be achieved by using The following tips.

Requirements to photos

1.Requirements for quality

Once you have downloaded the picture photoblog, shot tested the inspector. Most experts point to the quality of the photo, then, as the plot is sometimes overlooked. This is primarily done to ensure that the customer was happy with their purchase. Required quality photos can be achieved by using The following tips.

No noise

To do this, if possible, take pictures using the smallest camera sensitivity (ISO). In the settings of the camera field (Sharpen) should be set a minimum value.

And if the camera allows you to shoot in RAW, then the conversion value of field should be zero.

If you leave the field elevation, it will rise over the entire image, which often is unnecessary.

Many RAW-converters have a squelch.

In the image on the right shows an example of field slider Camera RAW 4.0. In your interface converter may differ, just find the tab “Sharpen” or “Sharpen”, “Sharpening”.
If the image at 100% yet noticeable noise, it will help reduce their installed in Adobe Photoshop plugin Imagenomic Noiseware Professional Plug-in. To prevent any effect of posterization (blur fine detail), when the level of noise in the photo, you must install the sliders to reduce noise for no more than 50%. Otherwise the picture may reject the inspector photo banks, as overly processed (Overuse).


Correct exposure

Photographs should be without Relight and toe. To do this, you can adjust the levels in Adobe Photoshop, to a normal state. But remember that any manipulation of the image makes it a distortion. Therefore, try to shoot initially with correct exposure.


The photo should be bulky and would use natural light, studio light or flash at the ceiling. Do not use the built-in camera flash, because of it, that hard shadows. If not enough light, use a tripod and long exposures.

Photobanks love bright pictures, but without overexposure.

In the photographs must not be present any logos, trademarks, numbers of cars, etc. Remove the logo from the image in Photoshop can be a tool “Stamp” or Photoshop etc. Also you can make a light color-and svetokorrektsiyu, exposure compensation, to give a snapshot view of a bright and saturated.

The red color more than others to the eye and attracts attention. Pictures with red browse and buy a little more than other similar colors.

An example of a professional approach to work with the photo banks. Arkursa studio photographer Yuri (Yuri Arcurs).


If the photo will not be visible to the area of focus, especially in shooting subjects with a small aperture, the shot will not be accepted. When taking pictures of people’s faces should be focusing only on the eyes.

Isolation facilities

Isolation of objects on a white background can be done in Adobe Photoshop, at 200-300% increase. To do this, use the “Ways” (Clipping Path) and the tool “Pen” tool or “Polygonal Lasso”.

Tools “Eraser” and “magic wand” to isolate the object, do not use, because they do not provide the required quality of photo banks.

Pictures on a white background in high demand among customers, as them, if necessary, do not have to manually do the insulation.

In the images on the right example isolated on white background.

The first option, even if it were, then such, unprocessed picture would buy much less than the latter. Insulated version can be directly used as a logo, printed on flyers, postcards, calendars, you can write next text into a magazine or the Internet, ie applications in this picture is much more. Photo acquired a higher commercial value than the first option. These are the images in the portfolio will earn the photographer a steady income.

2. Requirements for subjects

If the quality of the image depends on whether it will take to the EU, the story affects the sales themselves. Therefore, the idea of the image should be given no less attention than quality. Next, we consider the stories photos, which you can make good money.

If you are on good money for this in two ways. The first way – to download large numbers of unpretentious image, which will be sold dozens of times. The second way – to focus all their efforts on creating masterpieces that will buy hundreds or thousands of times. For long-term development of photo business lean recommend the second option, even though it is another way of working.

In today’s competition, for stable earnings, be sure to regularly add new images. It is not necessary to choose only from the photo shoot the best photo for photo. To download all the best pictures, breaking them in batches of a few pieces and add in one to two months, interspersed with images of other photo shoots.

If you choose only the best shot of the whole photo shoot, you’ll never get more than the normal portfolio and earnings can not be expected. This is not the photosites, which show their best work and are waiting for praise or comments. On photobanks more appreciated simple stories that are the raw material for buyers, designers.

One of the main conditions for successful earnings on Bank – it is a lot of work in the portfolio and the continuous addition of new images.

To create a large portfolio takes time, which is not always the majority of photographers. In addition, the professionals used immediately to earn big money, but for the first time photobanks to gain momentum. Output for busy photographers can hire an assistant to download pictures to the EU.

But amateur photographers, freelancers, with free time, often on the microstock earn more than successful professionals.

Stories are always popular images

People in motion: for sports, jump, run, rest, travel, laugh, eat, and so on;
occupation: businessmen, doctors, people in the office and at work, working on the computer and talking on the phone, shaking hands, successful people.
feelings and emotions: joy, sadness, optimism, determination, freedom, love, happy families and couples.
Photos of people to be with the idea and full of energy. Emotions should be natural.

Objects (in a natural setting, on a white background, and with people):
business and technology, money, computers, laptops, phones and communications headset, microchips, office equipment,
Food: food, fruits and vegetables;
professional: medical equipment and medicines.

Nature: a very beautiful scenery, especially with the sky;
beaches, recreational facilities, spa-resorts;
flowers that can be used in greeting cards.

Backgrounds (in which you can write the text):
abstract image;
landscapes in which large area occupied by the sky or green;
old shabby paper.

The same object can be photographed from different angles. For example, the phone can take a picture of a few dozen angles – right, side, top, with the handset without it, with your finger, which dials or hands, etc.

Who photographs people, thousands of options. On photobanks have standard plots, which constantly needs new faces and are very well sold. For example, a man with a headset can be done in several dozen angles (different backgrounds, with different expressions from different angles). The same can be referred to other subjects: the man at the computer, the person on the phone, the person shows a blank form, a person outdoors, reading, jumping, smiling, etc. You can also make hundreds of angles.

Example of popular works of professional photographer Yuri Arkursa (Yuri Arcurs).

Please note that the simple form of flowers, nature, people without emotion and without contrast and without semantic load images are less profitable in a commercial sense works.

You can also send photos themed to a particular event or holiday. They need to send out for 3-4 months before the holiday (for example, a photo of a Christmas tree, you need to send in September and October, and pictures of Easter eggs – in January). During this period, thematic images most in demand and will be sold more often than at any other time of year.

3. Requirements for the keyword

Spelling of keywords (keywords) to your images is also an important factor in dealing with photo banks. After using the Tools Quote Keyword buyers are looking for photographs. Careful attention to the compilation of keywords will increase the amount of your sales.

Usually problems are only at the beginning of a photo bank. When you learn how to choose keywords, this will leave little time. If photographing a subject, then the process of attributing generally confined to copy keywords from one image to another with a few new words.

Key words should be written in English only, and share them with commas. Recommended amount Tools Quote Keyword prisvaemoe the image from 20 to 50. The more Tools Quote Keyword characterizes your picture, the more money you will earn this shot.

When you send photos to a database check to the EU, it is not necessary to assign 50 Tools Quote Keyword directly to each image. After all, the pictures may not be tested. Better to assign 15-20 words first, and then to an approved photo, add up to 50 words for each picture (on the photo stocks and Dreamstime Bigstockphoto – up to 80 words).

To specify a large number of keywords need to ask yourself questions about a particular photo: Who is represented? What is represented? Where? When? How? What? How much? What does?
Answers and will be the key word.
Also can be used interchangeably.

Consider the example on the right:
Who: woman, lady, girl, person, female, people.
What: sea, water, body, rock, wave, cloud, sky, sand.
Where: beach, resort, paradise, spa.
When: summer, vacations, traveling, travel, journey
What does: resting, relaxation, sunbathing, relax, sunburn, tan, rest … etc.

On photobank Shutterstok always lists the 100 most popular keywords for the past week, month, and always popular.

If the photo is more than one person, their amount. Also identify the age, gender and nationality rights. If the photographs show relationships between people or their family status – it must also be specified. Also specify events occurring on the pictures and the idea of photography.

The photos, which are sold by Royalty-free license can not allow them to be visible trademarks and logos. Respectively, and write the name of trademarks in keywords prohibited. For example, these words will never be present: McDonalds, Nokia, Nikon, Canon, Lexus, Microsoft, etc. If you find inspectors photobanks images with Tools Quote Keyword, photos may be removed from the portfolio or not to start.

To translate key words in English use an online dictionary or install a powerful electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo x3, which will pick up even synonyms for words. This dictionary is also possible to translate unfamiliar words directly on the site. In this case, move the cursor over the word, press Ctrl (or Shift, depending on the selected settings) and press the left mouse button. Translation of the word appears in the opened window. This is a very fast and convenient.


Important! The rule is to always write down key words in an image file (EXIF / IPTC) directly into Photoshop in the menu “File”, submenu “File Info” (Data on file). This is many times easier attribution uploaded photos.

Enter the name, description, and keywords. The latest versions of Photoshop will automatically change in the Keywords, comma to a semicolon, but the site will photobanks keywords with commas.

After uploading pictures to the EU, keywords and descriptions automatically fills in the input fields on the site. You will only select the category (and if necessary, attach a model release).

This will save a lot of time on the attribution shot while working with other photo bank, and in case of rebooting the image after correction, if he was not accepted the first time.

Calculate and format keywords can be using the Keywords Editor. Download it for free here.
Also recommend you keep your base taken photos in Excel, to copy the thumbnails of your images approved, sent to you by e-mail after the test and Tools Quote Keyword them.