Shutterstock categories description

Shutterstock categories description

Abstract (Abstract) – this is the best category for the images, which you will not be able to tell or determine what is shown.

Animals / Wildlife (Animals / Wildlife) – This category is for all animals (domestic and wild), insects, fish, etc.

Shutterstock categories description

Abstract (Abstract)– this is the best category for the images, which you will not be able to tell or determine what is shown.

Animals/ Wildlife (Animals / Wildlife) – This category is for all animals (domestic and wild), insects, fish, etc.

Arts (Art) – This category includes everything related to art – art objects or people performing the act of creating art. If you feel that your image is “artistic” it does not mean that it belongs to this category.

Backgrounds / Textures (Background (Background) / Textures) – under this category are abstract backgrounds, textures that can be used as wallpaper or as a background for the text. Best backgrounds are simple, free, and have plenty of room for text.

Beauty / Fashion (Beauty / Fashion) – all that relates to fashion. Photos of models or people representing the clothes, makeup, hairstyles, fashion shows, etc.

Buildings / Landmarks (Buildings / Structures) – any building, structure, architecture.

Business / Finance – This category includes photos of businessmen, offices, money, pictures from the area of finance, calculators, money counters, safes, and many others

Celebrities (Celebrities) – only photos of famous people. This should only be a photo of people. And if you do not have a model release signed by them, this photo is the section Editorial (Editorial).

Editorial (Editorial) – pictures that can not be used for commercial purposes, as required to provide additional rights. Here are large crowds of people, it is not possible to take a model-release (receipt model) for each person. Also, here are photos of buildings, vehicles with special and exclusive design, logos, private property, etc.

More photos of the editorial here.

Education (Education) – all that is associated with the formation of: books, classroom, blackboard, etc.

Food and Drink (Food and Beverage) – all you can eat or drink. As well as photos of the Kushans people. This does not include kitchen utensils (cups, plates, etc.).

Healthcare / Medical (Health Care / Medicine) – all that is associated with medicine and rehabilitation. Medical offices, clinics, medical equipment, doctors, pills, drugs, etc. Topics related to weight loss diets are very popular.

Holidays (Holidays) – specific calendar events (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, birthdays, etc.), as well as eating and drinking are associated with these holidays. Upload photos related to the holidays to 3-4 months before the event. During this period, these pictures will be most in demand.

Illustrations / Clip-Art (Illustration / Royalty) – all this is not a photograph, for example made in Photoshop. Illustrations may not be placed in the photographic category. Other categories that can be used for the illustrations (not photos) is Backgrounds / Textures and Abstract.

Industrial (Industrial) – all that is associated with the industry: factories, machines, equipment, construction, cranes, electricity, generators, work, projects, and more. etc.

Interiors (interior) – the interiors of homes, offices, churches, and Freestanding furniture, home furnishings.

Miscellaneous (Miscellaneous) – a category for what is not included in other categories.

Nature (Nature) – all that is connected with nature: beautiful scenery, sunsets, trees, flowers, beaches, spa – resorts etc.

Objects (Objects) – This category is intended only for the individual items. Images in this category are in high demand! Especially isolated on white background. Photos should be bright, clean, well skompozitsionirovanno. Always in demand topics of business and technology, money, computers, laptops, phones and communications headset, microchips, office equipment, food products: food, fruit and vegetables trade: medical equipment and medicines.

Parks / Outdoor (Parks / outside) – for pictures taken outside the home, in the streets, parks, gardens, people involved in the street, etc.

People (People) – people, body parts, as well as groups of people. People are always in demand in the movement: sports, jump, run, rest, travel, laugh, eat, shake hands, etc. Occupation: businessmen, doctors, people in the office or at work, working at a computer, talking on the phone, successful people. Pictures of people to be filled with emotion and energy of joy, sadness, optimism, determination, freedom, love, happy families and couples. Not emotional ideological emptiness pictures sold poorly.

Religion (Religion) – all that relates to religion, people, temples, objects, etc.

Science (Science) – all linked to science: the medical and computer science, chemistry, physics, astronomy, doctors, engineers and technicians at work, symbols and marks relating to science.

Signs / Symbols (Signs / Symbols) – signs, symbols, especially on a white background. High demand from buyers enjoy vector icons for websites (graphics, created for example in Illustrator), as well as people, showing something or gesticulating. Designers are looking mostly clear, crisp, isolated signs and symbols.

Sports / Recreation (Sports / Recreation) – all kinds of sports on land, water and air, on wheels, hunting, fishing, winter sports, hiking, biking, movies, yoga, meditation, fitness, gyms, swimming pools, saunas , spa and more.

Technology (Technology) – offices and related equipment, computers, mobile phones, microchips, PDA, CD, DVD, USB drive, technological innovations, etc. In the pictures should not be visible trademarks and logos (removed in Photoshop Clone tool).

Transportation (Transportation) – planes, trains, cars, motorcycles, boats and ships, and even videos and scooters, as well as roads. Cars take bad (recognizable brands), but they can be safely placed in the Editorial section (for non-commercial use). For example, the entire photo shoot with auto show.

Vectors (Vector Graphics) – This is an illustration created by special software which can be increased to unlimited size without losing quality. Vectors are in great demand in the photo stocks and prices for many photobanks on them than on the photo.
Details of vector images here.

Vintage (Old) – any items that look old, not modern. You can use special colors in Photoshop (sepia). And also other photos that show no modern life.