Uploading photos to Dreamstime

Uploading photos to Dreamstime

Uploading photos to Dreamstime

Uploading photos to the EU by means of Dreamstime Java-applet or FTP (for example, using File Zilla FTP Client). Sometimes may require fill in your details and verify the e-mail to finish.

Uploading photos to Dreamstime

Uploading photos to the EU by means of Dreamstime Java-applet or FTP (for example, using File Zilla FTP Client). Sometimes may require fill in your details and verify the e-mail to finish.

If the photo shows a man, before you upload a photo, you must download his model release in its library releases. Only after adding the release of the model, you can download pictures from this man. More details about the model release is available here

Next, enter the Management Area and section Contributors Area pick MR library (library model release).
Fill in all the necessary data:
First Name – name of the person (not published on the website)
Last Name – name of person (not published on the website)
Gender – Gender (male / female)
MR Form – click to download the file with a resolution of human
Age group – age group (select one)
Ethnicity – Race (click for Slavs Caucasian / White)
Country – Country.
Click Submit.

Add new model release
Add new model release












After clicking Submit, model-release will be saved in your library releases.

This must be done only once and then when attributing photos, simply click, specify the appropriate model release for this image. If the photo is not one person, use the CTRL key to select the required number of model-releases in this photo.
Download photos using JAVA-applet
Dreamstime is online photobank section Contributors area click Upload files, waiting for installing the applet, confirm the download (click Run). Next, select the files (click Add, or simply drag and drop files into the window applet). Files must be in JPG-format, RGB, at least 3 MPx, preferably the maximum size. Click Upload and enter the password (the same as for entry to the EU). After a successful download, after some time (up to hours) photos will appear in the Unfinished Files.
Booting from FTP

To download a large number of images, it is more convenient to use FTP. First, you need to activate this feature and know your login information on the FTP-server. For this site Dreamstime under Management area click on the FTP Upload, then activate the download by pressing the ACTIVATE FTP. Right will be your log (FTP details) – ftp-address: ftp://upload.dreamstime.com and your unique ID (User ID), that must be entered in the “User name” and password is the same as in entrance to photobank Dreamstime.

Further you go through any ftp-client (eg File Zilla) or type in the address bar of your browser ftp://upload.dreamstime.com, enter your number and password. After successful login, shift your back all your files (only JPG). Next, they will automatically upload photo bank and will be located in the Unfinished Files (in the Management area).
Attribution images
Go to section Unfinished Files, click the button COMMERCIAL RF and atributiruem photo (assign a name, description (not less than 5 words), key words (up to 80 words), category, and if you choose a model release).
WARNING! When attributing the second option: RF (no keywords), for you to put yourself photobank keywords and descriptions, but for this will remove $ 0.4 for each photo!
The third option is used to load EDITORIAL editorial photographs.

Put a check in front: “By uploading this file I warrant that I read and agree with the terms and conditions”, agreeing to terms and conditions.
Field: “If this submission doesn’t qualify for the commercial stock section, I agree …” blank.

In the area of Rights management area are putting the rights and licenses for:
I upload this image exclusively on Dreamstime.com … – providing exclusive photos photobank Drimstaym. If you select this option, you will not be able to sell this image on other photo stocks. So always leave this field empty.
Web Usage (W-EL) – the use of the Web, always refer to the paragraph
Print Usage (P-EL) – Advanced license, always specify this option.
Sell the rights (SR-EL) – sale of all rights to the image. After purchase, you will need to remove this picture from other photo banks. Cost images purchased under this license is a minimum of $ 250.
So, choose only the second, third and fourth license.
Click Submit.
Next, click the Continue button and go to the next photo attribution.

Further pictures are queued for review by inspectors photobank, which can last several days. It is not necessary to wait for verification, and you can load new images regularly, attribute and put in check.
Translation Section Contributors Area in photobank Dreamstime
Section Contributors Area (all information on your account) is located under Management Area (area control). It arranged all the necessary functions for working with photo banks.

Translation Section
Translation Section

FTP upload – about ftp-upload, instructions and your login details on the ftp-server.

MR library – a library permits models (Model Release).
PR Library – Library Property  (Property Release).
Manage Licenses – Managing Advanced license to sell photos.
Unfinished Files – non-attributed photos that you want to assign the title, description, Tools Quote Keyword to become a part of the testing.
Upload Images – downloading photos.
Pending Files – Image pending verification.
My Earnings – your current earnings.
Request payment – Order (O) money actively in the accumulation of $ 100.
Online files – your approved images in photobank.
Refused Files – missed pictures describing the reasons for refusal.
Disabled files – photos that you are removed from sale.
Comments – comments to your photos.
Convert Earnings – earnings translate into credits for which you are able to buy pictures in photobank Drimstaym.
Alliances – information and sales activation of your photos through partner sites.
Statistics – Statistics for your editorial use.

Your pictures can be in three sections: Unfinished Files, Pending Files, Online files.